PIE Solution Co., Ltd. has been established since 2016 by the concept to support Process, engineering, procurement and construction work with highly competent and especially dedicate for Process, Electrical, Instrumentation and control system work in Petrochemical industrial manufacture.


We are fully service variety scope of work for engineering phase, procurement phase and also construction phase to give the best one stop service to customer. We are strongly with financial support, our man power is flexibility and best practice with good training for service to customer. PIE Solution Co., Ltd. will always keep client conceptual and specification to follow up within time requirement and also committed to achieving quality assurance requirement to customer with the present combined experience and proven team work.




  • Support for variety of Maintenance & Construction work.
  • Small-Mid Scale for field and control design Engineering.
  • Low cost company.
  • Support for all variety Customer.
  • Self Growth with strong base.




  1. Make customer feel comfort and satisfaction
    Company keeps the customer as heart of business so we very intend to make the customer satisfaction. We will pay attention and give them the useful technical recommendation and any process need to do for successful and bring to customer comfort and satisfaction.
  2. Always improve quality
    Company is Engineering service who dedicate to always improve service quality by continuous. We analysis the result and adaptation the process to keep the standard of work and must be approve from the relate co-operation.
  3. Improvement staff
    Company realize for the value and the equal of people. We try to resource and improvement our staff by continuous. We training them to satisfy with modern technology for the purpose of quality improvement





  1. Schenck Process
    PIE Solution Co., Ltd has been assignment to be local partner of Schenck Process from German. We are authorize dealer for product of Schenck Process and take response area for Plastic and chemical Industry.
    PIE Solution Co., Ltd has been assignment to be System Integrator of HIMA ESD the best of Emergency Shutdown System from German. We are fully capable to carry out design, engineering, integration, test, commissioning, start up and after sale service.
    PIE Solution Co., Ltd is the local partner of AIRSWEEP product from USA and provide you with the best quality product.-AIRSWEEP: Material activation system
    Eliminate Bridging, Ratholes & build-up 
    -DAZIC : Zero speed switches 
    Avoid Expensive & Time consuming pile up
    -ACOUSTICLEAN : Sonic activation system
    Keeps dry bulk material flowing
  4. EPC Business
    - Electrical and Instrument Engineering
    - Electrical and Instrument Construction
    - Panel Design and fabrication